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Do I really need a bank account?

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You may be fed up with overdraft charges, ATM fees and inconvenient bank hours. Sometimes keeping money in the bank seems like more trouble than it's worth. Nevertheless, most people assume bank accounts are essential. But why is this? Maybe the only thing preventing you from taking your money out is the fear of looking like that paranoid old granny who still keeps all her money under her mattress. Or maybe you pride yourself on being an independent thinker who never gives in to social customs that don't make sense to you. Let's see if having a bank account is all it's cracked up to be.


Is The Best Bank Always The Biggest?

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Big banks used to entice customers with upgraded technology and fancy options, but that's no longer as relevant as it was before. The majority of banks now offer online banking and bill pay to customers regardless of size.  


5 Signs It's Time to Break Up With Your Bank

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1) They Just Don't Understand You Anymore

When you first opened your checking account, it had all the features you wanted. Online banking, low fees, great customer service and a branch around the corner all came standard. Now the branch has been replaced with a 1-800 number and there’s no mobile banking service for your iPhone. If certain bank account features are missing that might make your life easier or you more comfortable, it’s time to shop around.


How to Switch Banks

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It can be intimidating to switch banks, but the process is easy if you break it into separate tasks. The list of steps below should help you make a smooth move to your new bank.

1) Open your new bank account. Get it up and running -- the sooner the better. You can’t switch banks unless you’ve got somewhere to go. Make a deposit into the account, wait for it to clear, and wait for your debit/ATM card. You need to be able to use the account before you pull the plug on your old account.


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Do I really need a bank account? Do I really need a bank account?
You may wonder whether you need all your money in the bank?
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Is The Best Bank Always The Biggest?

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