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3 Tips on Being ATM Savvy

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Like it or not, ATMs are still a necessary evil. If you need cash in a hurry or want to make a deposit on the go, these three tips can make life easier.


1) Know Your Network

If you need cash, knowing where to find an ATM that works with your bank can save valuable time and stress. In network ATM fees tend to be either nonexistent (hopefully) or at least lower for bank account customers. If you travel frequently, VISA provides an online ATM locator serving more than two hundred countries.



2) Identify and Avoid Fees

Banks are increasing ATM fees both in network and out of network, sometimes by as much as several dollars a pop. To avoid getting ripped off, check fees before you go. To be ultra careful, bookmark the online list of account fees on your smartphone or keep a small hard copy on hand. Don't forget that in addition to the fees your bank charges, "outside of network" ATMs can add on their own charges. Keeping a list of fees may sound silly now, but new bank account fee hikes can make withdrawing cash cost more than this morning's cappuccino. 


3) Use Common Sense

ATM cards are quick and easy access to cash, making them a prime target of robbers and identity thieves. If you're in a new place or withdrawing cash alone at night, choose the most secure ATM location possible. Better yet, try to avoid the ATM entirely and withdraw cash while making a debit transaction at a nearby well-lit grocery store.


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